National Talk Black 290224

National Talk Black 290224

On todays National Talk Black via NIRS – National Indigenous Radio Service we have:

Geoff Crittenden, CEO of Weld Australia, talking about Indigenous Welding Schools to Build Skills and Jobs. Weld Australia is urging the Federal Government to invest in a national network of Indigenous Welding Schools to help create real skills and real jobs for Indigenous Australians—and close the gap.

Isaac Drandic, newly appointed Queensland Theatre’s Associate Artistic Director (First Nations), talking about his new position and how it will connect a broad range of First Nations community stakeholders and how he will work closely with Queensland Theatre’s Indigenous Reference group on the artistic direction and programming of all current and future First Nations stories. By doing so, he will champion the creation of important pathways and opportunities for First Nations artists and creatives.

John Leha, AbSec CEO, talking about AbSec’s latest quarterly Sector Forum – Meeting of Minds for Child Protection Experts. The forum was attended by 150 people from across NSW and interstate, including government agencies and community organisations – both indigenous and non-indigenous.

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