National Talk Black 180124

National Talk Black 180124

We had:

Michael Angeram, Optometry Development Consultant, talking about how optometrists ring alarm bells on excessive screen time. The research from Specsavers reveals that not only are young children aged 5-12 spending more than three times the amount on screens as recommended by the World Health Organisation, but both parents and teachers aren’t completely confident in best prevention techniques to avoid vision damage.

Susan Baidawi, Co-Director Criminal Justice Research Consortium, Monash University, talking about Children aged 10-13 years in Australian justice systems. The Australian Institute of Criminology has released two Monash University-led reports presenting the most robust Australian research to date about children aged 10-13 who experience contact with the criminal justice system.

Susi Tegan, Alliance Chief Executive, talking about home ownership for remote First Nations communities is a step towards improving their health and wellbeing in 2024. The Labour government’s plan to open up remote Aboriginal communities to individual home ownership is an important step toward improving the health and wellbeing of Indigenous communities.

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