National Talk Black 140324

National Talk Black 140324

On todays National Talk Black via NIRS – National Indigenous Radio Service we have:

Rhys Miles, Indigenous Artist and Umi Arts “You & Me” exhibiting artist, talking about his involvement with the Umi Arts, “You & Me” exhibition. The exhibition features 30 artworks from 15 First Nations artists, taking place Friday 15th March.

Kirsty Burchil, Indigenous Musician, talking with Trendy Trev about her new single “Never Again”. Kirsty also known as Kaybee hopes to progress in her music career and be able to show her community to never give up on pursuing your dreams no matter how big or small. You can check out her new single on Spotify on the link below!…

Matt Comyn, CEO Commbank Australia, Tarun Gupta, Ceo Stockland, Christine Holgate, CEO Team Global Express, talking about Australia’s transition to net-zero. With the world facing challenges like climate change and social inequality, businesses are stepping up to prioritize sustainability. More than half of Aussie shoppers (51%) say sustainability is an important factor when making a retail purchase.…/momentum-cba….

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