National Talk Black 050324

National Talk Black 050324

On todays National Talk Black via NIRS – National Indigenous Radio Service we have:

Dave Wildermuth, Manager of Queensland Indigenous Land and Sea Rangers Program, talking live from the Conference at Tjapukai with Trendy Trev. The program assists First Nations organisations to employ Land and Sea Rangers and offers grant funding, training, networking and partnership support. In 2007, the program began with just 20 rangers and today more than 200 Indigenous Land and Sea rangers work in 46 regional and remote locations across Queensland.…/land-sea-rangers/about-rangers

Karen Manbulloo and Cindy Manfong, Author and Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) Publishing Editor, talking about Karens book “Moli bin git stak”. Written in Kriol and English, it is the first time an ILF picture book has had a sequel. Based on a true story, it follows the adventures of a real- life pig called Moli, who is now BIG and gets stuck.…/our…

Nicole Courtman, Marrawah Laws Special Counsel, talking about her position as Special Counsel – providing advice to Indigenous organisations, supporting self determination and specializing in Corporate Governance, as well as touching on projects that have had an impact on Indigenous rights.

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