CIAF Hour 130720

CIAF Hour 130720

1pm to 2pm is The CIAF Hour via NIRS – National Indigenous Radio Service with Carli Willis and Jack Wilke-Jans.

This Week Carli yarns with Deadly artists from The Cape and Torres Strait, such as Obery Sambo as he talks about making the traditional Torres Strait Island head dress also known as Dhari.

Rhonda Woolla first exhibition of her work, which has a very special and spiritual connection to her mother who taught her about culture.

Heather Koowootha who is another very interesting woman, whose artwork is part of the Undercurrents ~Cook Exhibition, open now at The Tanks Arts Centre. Her artwork takes to comedy in imagining what it would be like if the Queen visited remote areas of Australia, to talk to our Indigenous Peoples and what comedy it would be if she were to encounter our wildlife. So cool! Haha.

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